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Pit Silage

We offer a full service from mowing to stacking for all of your pit silage requirements.

Whether it’s precision cut or fine chop, long or short cartage we do it all.

  • Loader wagons – Precision cut silage

  • Claas self propelled harvesters – Fine chop silage

  • Tractors trailers and trucks available

  • Stacking pits – Stack compaction is critical for good silage. Our sila

    press is a 4 tonne silage roller, for ultimate stack compaction. In

    addition we run our 16 tonne JCB for excellent compaction results. We

    use top quality silage pit covers – strong and durable.

  • Inoculant – All our wagons and harvesters are equipped to run

    inoculant for pit silage

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In the hands of experts.

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