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Cultivation Cropping

We offer an extensive range of cultivation and cropping options to suit all of your on

farm requirements. Our knowledge and experience in cultivation, cropping and

grassing is extensive and we are happy to advise and discuss your needs to ensure

the best outcomes.

  • Ploughing

  • Power harrowing –3m & 5m widths

  • Rotary hoeing

  • Ripping

  • Rolla tilling

  • Discing

  • Levelling and scooping

  • Vaderstad seeding – grassing out after maize crops and pasture

  • Drilling – Duncan 4.5” coulters – grass seed, chickory and plantain

  • Roller seed box – grass seed, turnips and brassicas

  • Power harrow seeding – grass seed, turnips and brassicas

  • Fodder beet planting – Vaderstad tempo V 12 row 20” planter, GPS equipped

  • Auto row shut off

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In the hands of experts.

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